Plant Sale 2018


Janet's Jungle is now preparing for Plant Sale 2018.

If you are interested in joining our team for a Plant Sale, please contact us now for the 2018 season! Our positions are filling fast and we only have a few 'slots' in our schedule left.


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Seeds and Sprouts 2018 Sale

We are adding a new sale to our site this year called Seeds and Sprouts. This is a sale of seed packets that can piggyback with a Plant Sale or stand alone. Conventional Seed or Organic Seed options are available individually or in tandem. We think you will enjoy this new addition!


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Coffee and Tea 2018

Janet's Jungle welcomes Bee's Knees Coffee 'n Teas to the fold. Bee's Knees has been up and running now for a couple years and been met with great enthusiasm. Freshly roasted coffee beans and an amazing selection of teas make this an ideal fundraiser for most any group. Again, this is a product that we all use and use repeatedly. This sale can be presented any time throughout the year.

We offer free samples as well.


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Poinsettia Sale 2018

Poinsettias are a great fundraiser for the Holiday Season. Youth Groups, Schools, Small Groups can all profit from this sale. Please contact us for more information! Delivery is at the end of November.


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