About Us

Years ago, when my oldest daughter was in Pre-School, I wanted to help our small school by developing a fund raiser that was.

1)  Useful

2)  Sustainable

3)  Non-Fattening


We found people were very excited about the program. They look forward to the plant sale and patronize it annually. This is a product that most people already use and now can dovetail with helping out their local organization.


All our plants are grown locally by some of the best growers in the country. We contract with small businesses to grow our material. In this way we support small businesses that provide local jobs and have a positive effect on all our communities.


Janet's Jungle strives to stay on the cutting edge with both competitive pricing as well as outstanding selections that are updated every year. Our plants are selected with hardiness, viability and uniqueness in mind. By attending National Horticultural Conventions such as the Ohio Florist Association's Annual Meeting every year, we are able to critique and evaluate new and upcoming varieties for our customers.


We would be happy to sit down and discuss how a plant sale could benefit your organization.


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